Harlequin Strain Review from OC Farmacy – Anaheim

Harlequin Strain Review from OC Farmacy – Anaheim


3.5 grams – $38

Harlequin Strain Review on hiLounge

High CBD – 11.3%

Low THC – 5.1%

What better way to kick off some NCAA March Madness than picking up some fresh nugs from your favorite dispensary.  I picked up an 1/8th of a strain called “Harlequin.”  It’s supposed to be fully loaded with CBD’s which is great for pain management and a full body high.  The THC content is pretty low at 5.1% but the body high makes up for it in my opinion.  Actually the clear-minded body high effect from this strain is great for writing or creative design type work.  Harlequin has a full body earthy smell with a sweet finish.  Tons of red hairs decorate these buds but they are limited in the amount of glistening trichomes.  I picked up 3.5 grams of Harlequin at OC Farmacy for about $40.  I’d call it a good value and definitely a different high.  If I still like this strain as much by the time I’m out I might make it one of my go-to strains.  We’ll see!

Smokability:  Fairly heavy, felt like I was exhaling forever.

Buzz:  Heavy body high, clear minded and creatively motivated.

Duration: ~2.0 hours

Service:  The service at OC Farmacy was one of the better experiences, clearly the budtender knew the product.  The location has been updated with a sign and going in the AM before lunch is usually a good time to get in and out quickly.

Value:  Great deal if you’re looking for something with high CBD and low THC.