3 Best Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizers of 2014

3 Best Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizers of 2014

Top 3 Portable Dry Herb and Wax Vaporizers

When wax vaporizers were re-introduced to the new market they came in big designs and only came as desktop vaporizers. If you’re wondering what I mean by re-introduced, well vaporizers have been around longer than we think. They date back to our ancestors when they put throw stones into the fire until they were hot enough then use their choice of herbs on the stone to help it vaporizer. Just like the name “desktop” says, they only sat on a table or desk because it needs to be plugged into outlet to work. Times are changing really quickly and technology is upgrading and improving day by day. With that being said, here are the newest and best portable dry herb and wax vapes to hit market recently.

  1. SkyCloud by KandyPens

The Skycloud by Kandypens is actually a triple use vaporizer which means you can use dry herb, concentrates and e-liquids. It does come with three different attachments so you don’t have to worry about clogging up the same tank. The best part about this vape pen is that it is so small it will fit in almost ANY pocket or case you have for it. With a sleek and awesome design, just click five times and turn it on. The attachments like the pen, are elips style and come with a cylinder attached. It comes in black, chrome, pink, and white. Kandypens Skycloud are $99.99 with all the attachments.


  1. Kingpen by Dabkits

Dabkits has made a really cool and quirky design from there Kingpen vape. Almost like Sherlock Holmes pipe except shorter and activated by a button. Load up your favorite herb or concentrate, press the button and watch the globe automatically fill up with a cloud of vapor. Not only did we fall in love with the design but the ability to see your clouds forming before you inhale it. It comes with four (4) wax attachments and one (1) dry herb attachment so everything is ready to go right out the box. Colors include gold, chrome, and gun metal with purchase price for the Kingpen by Dabkits is at $89.99.

Kingpen from King Pen Vapes

  1. aGo G5 3-in-1 Triple Use Vaporizer

Now best for last is a vape pen that has been highly boasted many times around. The aGo G5 3 in 1 comes fully equipped with all the chamber and tanks you will need to make this work for you. Whether you are looking to vape dry herbs, concentrates like wax or e-liquids. If you’re attachments coil breaks or even clogs and you need a new one, no problem! Not only are the attachments very cheap but the battery is also 510 thread connection which means this pen is almost universal with about 90% of the portable vape pens out there. It is no problem if you don’t like the one it comes with because you can get any other one, probably even from your local head shop. With discretion and design in mind, you can now vape on the go without having to think twice about it. The aGo G5 3 in 1 triple use vaporizer comes in blue and black and the price ends at $39.99. It has never gone up more than that plus it goes on sale often.

aGo G5 3-in-1 Triple Use Vaporizer