Today’s Top Marijuana News – March 15, 2013

Today’s Top Marijuana News – March 15, 2013

Below is what happened in marijuana news today as reported on and on other great publishing sites.

Marijuana Legalization News

Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensaries may open this summer

PITTSFIELD — Medical marijuana dispensaries could open in Massachusetts by this summer now that state public health officials plan to approve final regulations this spring.
The Department of Public Health’s draft regulations will be issued March 29. If approved by the Public Health Council, which reviews all health policies in Massachusetts, the rules governing marijuana dispensaries could go into effect May 24.  Click headline for full story.

Nevada Lawmaker Gambles On Marijuana Decriminalization

Vegas is known for its’ debauchery but did you know they have a hypocritical double standard when it comes to marijuana?  Read up on vegas legal happenings.  Click headline for full story.



MedBox Inc. to Open Thirty Branded Dispensaries in San Diego

Have you heard of the ATM like machines that dispense medical marijuana.  Well San Diego smokers will soon if they haven’t already.  Scan your fingerprint, the machine pulls up your prescription, and voila, medical marijuana dispensed.  Unfortunately they won’t be on every street corner since their designed for controlled environments.  Click headline for full story.

Music News

Snoop Dogg Lion documentary drops in limited cities today

Snoop is #reincarnated from an O.G. gangster rapper to a chill rastafarian in this new documentary.  He’s recently been shouting out fans on twitter who have tickets.  Stay tuned for updates on how good the movie actually is but initial sentiment on twitter is good.


Video: “Choosin” by Wiz Khalifa Ft. Curren$y and Rick Ross

Who doesn’t love some Wiz Khalifa and taylor gang?  Gotta see this certified stoner video.