Jamaica’s Marijuana Legalization Efforts

Jamaica’s Marijuana Legalization Efforts

Jamaica is very synonymous with marijuana, or as they call it, ganja. Even though it has been a federal crime, the country is known to have a wide audience who appeal to the recreation and medicinal use of cannabis. It is the 10th ranked of most individuals of the Rastafari religion with about 9.8% of adults. As many tend to believe that Rastafari is a religion based around cannabis, this is untrue. However it does hold a belief of spiritual use of marijuana. For them, it was also illegal because religion fell under the States laws but it would soon be legalized for them since 1930s. Jamaica’s government cabinet approved the bill that many citizens had been anxiously waiting to hear about. The bill of drug law amendment is noted as decriminalizing small amounts of cannabis possession. Many people are ecstatic for the reason that this might lead the way to marijuana legalization recreationally and medicinally in the Caribbean islands. The bill was approved on Monday, January 19, 2015 and will go to the Senate next Friday on January 31, 2015.

Laws and Regulations before going into effect

The way it would work is that you would need to establish a cannabis licensing authority which grants you to cultivate, sell, or distribute marijuana for medicinal purposes through its countries regulations set up for the amendment. For possession under 2 ounces, it was would be a ticketed offense with no criminal record or jail time. Cultivation or growing would be allowed if you possess only five of fewer plants in your possession.

Extra Revenue for the Country

This could mean so much more revenue to the country coming from different sources. Not only is hemp a huge crash crop because of its many uses but you then get more visitor tourists coming into the country. Another big thing are vaporizers. Dry herb vaporizers for marijuana can bring even more revenue as vaporizers itself are a growing trend. Within a few years the vape industry has jumped up to a $2 billion market cap. Cannabis oil used with electronic cigarettes are going to be a huge benefit too since they can contain cannabidiol oil.

How it led to this

This legalization of Jamaica can be linked to America’s legalization campaign that is going on through-out the states. 23 states have already legalized marijuana for medicinal use, 2 have legalized recreationally with three more states pending legislation. Parts of the proceeds will go to public education to prevent minors smoking and to help the public health adverses. “The development is long overdue and comes after years, and, in recent times, heavy pressure from what is now a diverse and broadening group of stakeholders on human rights, social, economic, scientific and medical grounds,” cannabis taskforce director Delano Seiveright said in a statement.

We do know one thing, if Bob Marley was alive, he would be extremely happy!