HiLounge Daily Marijuana News – March 21, 2012

Maryland Decriminalizes Small Amounts of Pot


Maryland Senate passed a bill with a 30-16 vote decriminalizing small amounts of pot this week reducing the penalties for possession. Senator Robert Zirkin recognized the “tremendous waste of resources” devoted to and involving marijuana in efforts to treat it as a serious criminal offense. Clearly Maryland is heading a step in the right direction. Read more on this story here.

California to Push for Internal State Regulation in the Marijuana Industry


State Assemblyman Tom Manniano has introduced a bill that would allow California’s Deparment of Alcoholic Beverage Control to head up the enforcement and control of state marijuana distribution and sale. Though, Manniano claiming that his bill is similar to Colorado’s industry practices and would request that Federal involvement be a thing of the past. See more here.

New Hampshire House Passes Medical Marijuana


With a 286-64 vote, Medical Marijuana passed the New Hampshire House of Representatives and now faces the next round in Senate where the bill will face tougher criticism. Republican Representative Donald Wright had professed his perception of the positive effects medicinal marijuana had on his wife’s 20 years battle with breast cancer. Claiming “it worked instantly” to improve symptoms from her illness. You can find more on the story here.

West Virginia Delegate Introduces Second Medical Marijuana Bill to House


On Tuesday, West Virginian Delegate Mike Maypenny introduced a second medical marijuana bill with improved language and specifics for the legislation in allowing marijuana for medical use. The bill would provide protection for medical professionals suggesting marijuana as medication and patients. Though, Maypenny is described as saying this bill has a “slim chance of passing through House.” Click here for more on the bill.


Washington State Chooses Weed Czar


Washington chooses an Ivy League educated Weed Czar with an incredibly awesome beard. Well…sort of. Mark Kleiman is now the head of a team focused on policy for marijuana legalization and seems to be the most qualified applicant for the position. He is a Nobel Prize winning economist, former drug Czar to Richard Nixon, and Harvard Professor. He has a 30 member team to help cultivate the marijuana policy and set the model for states that follow in Washington’s footsteps in the future. See the rest of the story here for more details.