6 Extremely Awesome Stoner Clothing Brands

6 Extremely Awesome Stoner Clothing Brands

Counter Culture is described as a culture of people that have norms deviating from society. The only part not mentioned is how much more bad ass those that deviate dress. In marijuana culture especially, there are a few stoner clothing brands that take top billing to anything else on the market with an incredibly cool and comfortable feel. They embrace enjoying life and it translates through every aspect of their company’s image. Check out these 7 brands that stoners love to call their own.

1. Stussy


Beginning in 1980, Shawn Stussy set serendipity in motion to ultimately build one of the greatest names in surfwear we have seen in our lifetime without even knowing it. Stussy has become an name in specialty boutique fashion with styles of women and men’s wear ranging from skirts to beanies, but anything Stussy touches is automatically awesome. Stoners everywhere have really been able to identify with the brand and it’s laid back style and bringing go-to style for smokers everwhere. Fun fact, Frank Sinatra Jr. was Shawn Stussy’s partner that helped launch the company in 1984.

2. Adidas


Adidas has just rocked it out with their gear time and time again. Having the balls to let Snoop endorse them spoke volumes about their ideals. The entire Adidas brand has had a long journey from 1948 in Germany with edgy grass roots style marketing and getting their hand in anything and everything sport. Their apparel has more flavor and style than any other sport based brands and their international flair helps keep in touch with the masses. Fun fact, in the early years of Adidas founder Adolf Dassler’s biggest rival was his own brother. Who started Puma.

3. 8103 Clothing


Now that we’re moving away from the more obvious brands, these guys are hands down heavyweights in the stoner fashion realm. Their print graphic t-shirts have helped launch their identity into something of the coolest kids in school. Based out of Jacksonville, Florida, the owner Mark Braddock has kept true to his roots and developed hit after hit with shirts, hats, hoodies, and more. 8103 Clothing has been worn by Whiz Kahlifa, Bun B, and a ton of other influential folks. They also have an extremely talented skate team repping their gear and keeping 8103 extremely in touch with the streets.

4. Urban Outfitters


This is a one-stop-shop for stoners to get fully outfitted if need be. They have it all. A huge store with tons of selection and generally some pretty cool gear too. It’s not that stoner brands needs to be draped out in pot leaf print (though they do have that), but the entire feel of the store is just too cool to not be the perfect place for stoners to shop for threads.

5. IPath


Having had a pair of iPath kicks before that were made out of hemp, it’s easy to say iPath is legit. Not only did I (and still do) get mad compliments, but they were tough and comfortable as hell. These guys got started out of San Francisco in 1998 by a group of skaters who wanted to follow their own path. Ever since then these guys have been making quality shoes, shirt, hoodies, and other great products for skaters and anyone who appreciates a company as Eco-concious as iPath is.

6. RastaEmpire


As an online retailer for Bob Marley Clothing, Rasta Wear, and other reggae inspired fashion and lifestyle products, Rasta Empire brings everything Rasta right to you. Rasta Empire prides themselves on thheir customer service.Their entire mission is unbeatable for an online retailers and satisfaction is of the highest level. If it’s available, has reggae influence, Rasta Empire is your online source.