Todays Top Marijuana News – March 12, 2013

Fail: Danish city wants to import marijuana from Washington, Colorado

We received a news tip last night from The Copenhagen Post’s news editor, Justin Cremer, who explains that city officials in the capital of Denmark are anxious to legalize marijuana there and import supplies from Washington, Colorado or both.  Click headline for full story.


Illinois Medical Marijuana Measure Is Approved By House committee

The progress of legalizing medical marijuana in Illinois is underway and a state house panel has approved a measure to legalize the use on Wednesday. The 11-4 vote that will allow the use of medical marijuana will be forwarded onto the full house for consideration. This is a very huge step in the right director for the many citizens of Illinois who could benefit from medical marijuana. Although…click headline for full story.

The 10 Types Of Grinders You Could Be Using For Your Bud

If you smoke weed on a daily basis and don’t have a grinder, what are you doing? Unless you’re that old fashion where you would rather break up nugs with your hand. You’re just missing out on a ton of kief. Now, why would you want to do that?







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