The Unofficial Queen of Chronic: Rihanna


The Unofficial Queen of Chronic

Through all of her media up and downs, Rihanna has proven her worth by showing the world how talented she is in everything she gets her sexy Barbadian hands on. If it’s not her countless awards (7 Grammy Awards…eh, hem), her 6 albums with 12 tracks reaching #1 on Billboard 100 charts, or her other well decorated accolades, she’s turning almost everything she touches to gold (or platinum).

The talented songstress got her start around 2003 and quickly signed with Def Jam Records under the tutelage of Jay-Z to become one of the biggest pop sensations to date.  Since then she has been all over the place gracing the media one fabulous look at a time.

Something about Rhianna that she has not been shy about is her openness about her marijuana use. Rihanna has defied the odds by showing her affection for ganja and being able to still shine so bright, yet not having to be apologetic to anyone for enjoying life’s natural blessings.

Some might question, “Is this how a role model behaves???”

HiLounge can answer that question with a question by saying, “Who gives a shit?” She continues to show just how talented she is and continues to help with PR efforts showing that marijuana isn’t the dangerous substance our wonderful powers that be have painted it out to be. For this, we salute her as the unofficial Queen of Chronic. Thank you Rihanna for fighting the good fight and standing up for what you believe in.

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