Lebron James Finally Accepts the Inevitable

Lebron James Finally Accepts the Inevitable


Lebron James debuted a new look in the Philippines at the a Nike Basketball Tour this week by accepting the inevitable. He finally embraced his perpetually receding hairline.

Lebron James’ hairline has been on the steady decline since around his rookie year in 2003.

By taking the plunge and looking absolutely ridiculous, Lebron James certainly opens the door for people to say he did it to bridge the missing gap between Lebron and Michael Jordan comparisons.  But in reality his headband couldn’t go back any further. Leaving him no choice but pull out the Bic razor and do himself a favor.

His PR team thought long and hard before approaching him.


One member of his PR and Marketing team was stated as saying, “We didn’t want to hurt his feelings. We used to get a kick out of seeing the progression of his hairline, but at one point it just wasn’t funny anymore. There was really no option, other than making a suggestion and hope he didn’t get upset by it.”

Lebron was overheard by one of his staff ranting loudly at his children right before he made the impulsive decision saying, “You think that shit is funny? You gonna look just like me when you get older.”

Also, recently Lebron and the Miami Heat have received criticism for his police escort to the Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake concert from the Miami Police Department which he was late for,

Miami PD has released a statement in connection with the issue: It’s our understanding that some members of the Miami Police Department were involved in an incident that violated our department’s policy. All we can say at this time is we wish Mr. James would learn when to not post videos to Instagram. For those of you who have seen said video, the incident was probably stemming from his kids and for that we feel sympathy.

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No one can deny Lebron’s success after back-to-back championship wins with the Miami Heat. But everyone is glad the jokes about his hairline can stop.

Is Lebron James starting a new chapter in his legacy?

Probably not, but he’s definitely secured his place in history by making timely, yet subtle decisions to deter the general public from laughing at his extremely unfortunate genetic predisposition.