7 Must-Haves to Prepare for Your Next Trip

7 Must-Haves to Prepare for Your Next Trip

Anyone who has tried mind-expanding drugs before certainly knows that creature comforts are a must while walking a fine line between madness and sanity. Just like a camping trip, a hallucinogen trip is no different. There’s several things you need before hand to make sure the journey goes as smooth as possible.

Unlike a typical camping trip, you’ll probably only be gone for 6-8 hours and there’s no compass if you get lost. That’s why HiLounge has put together a list of necessary items that absolutely have to be checked off before your next hallucinogenic journey.

1. Music


I put this first, because this might be the most important item on the list. There’s nothing like tripping your balls off and listening to whatever music puts you where you need to be. I’ve found that Radiohead is pretty universal in most instances to help maximize your experience. Honestly, anything with a great sound that is to your liking will do the trick. It doesn’t really matter what it is, but make sure you have it cued up and ready to roll. I can say from experience, sifting through electronics to find tunes is no piece of cake when the screen is dancing.

2. Plenty of Lighters


Not exactly sure how lighters manage to grow legs and walk off so often, but they most certainly do. And at the worst times too. If you’re taking LSD, you’re probably going to be smoking something along the way. Therefore, you’re going to need a flame to get those smokeables moving in the right direction. Even if you’re rocking an electric vape, lighters just make a good survival tool to have in your pocket.

3. Gatorade


I argued back and forth with a friend on what the best thing to drink while tripping was. Water, in my opinion, is a given. So, you have to ask yourself what has a ton of flavor and essential replenishing properties? That’s right, good ‘ol Gatorade. A health dose of sodium and electrolytes in almost any flavor you can imagine is exactly what you want to keep hydrated.

4. Small towel


Sometimes, you never know when you’ll need a towel. But the moment you need it, there’s never one in sight. While tripping you run the risk of a few things. Throwing up, profuse perspiration, or any unforeseen factors may arise where a towel becomes the only solution. By having this before hand, you are steps ahead of any problems that could derail your delicate ecosystem you’ve systematically created in your immediate area.

5. Device Chargers


I think it’s quite unnecessary to waste a space on this valuable list with saying you need your phone. If you’re anything like me, that is. But the life-blood that keeps your phone, tablets, laptops, ipods, or whatever, is that pesky charger. Not sure where the power goes, but once it moves into the dark abyss of usage, your device will be as beneficial as a paperweight once it’s dead. Make sure you’re all charged up pre-trip anyway. You need to be ready to roll mobile style in case an impromptu adventure ensues.

6. Animal Sitter


I’m sure some people are going to disagree with me on this. But caring for anything else other than your pure enjoyment while tripping is almost impossible. Unless it’s a fellow tripper that has become writ with anxiety and panic. Then you could diffuse any crisis. But for me, the animals need to be elsewhere when I’m melting into the couch. Pets tend to have a disapproving look when you’re on any kind of drugs and that isn’t anything you need to subject yourself to. Judgement is not welcome while tripping and your dog the most judgmental person I know.

7. Camera


You’re probably saying, “Dude!!! I’ve got a camera on my phone.” If you are, reread #5. Because the chances of you successfully using the phone are drastically reduced when you’re tripping properly. Let’s be honest here, you’re going to have your phone. So, it might not be a bad idea to grab your digital camera as well. Memories like that need to be documented. It seems like you always manage to see the craziest shit while tripping and you’ll need proof when trying to explain it later.