HiLounge Hotties: Megan Fox


HiLounge Hottie: Megan Fox

There’s a few ways to really help a hottie set herself apart from the typical gorgeous girl. Subjectively, it’s hard to say what really can make her more than a pretty face and a banging body. Megan Fox has definitely found out exactly how to do this by carving out her niche on setting herself apart and really making her mark.  She’s drop dead sexy, has a playful sense of humor, bisexual, and is an openly admitted pot smoker

Not that her pot smoking or sexuality makes all the difference, but the fact that she’s not afraid to own up to something she highly (no pun intended) enjoys, really makes her unique. She’s proven to not be the brightest Crayola in the box at times with some hard to follow comments she’s made in the past, though she’s definitely the sexiest Crayola in that box.

No matter, HiLounge honors Megan Fox as one of our HiLounge Hotties and for your viewing pleasure, check out some of  Ms. Fox’s most sultry shots up to date.

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