Who Gives a F#$k What the Fox Says?


So around the time I started seeing this unbelievable piece of shit with extremely high production value make the rounds on social media in the beginning stages, I couldn’t help but think, “Really? Again?” Not one more tongue-in-cheek attempt by a foreign entertainer to prove that if someothing is marketed and exposed properly, Americans will eat it up. And majority of them will lick the plate (metaphorically, of course) clean. It wasn’t until I heard someone legitimately ask me if I had heard the song until I realized that this was one more music novelty with theme and motif to boot that people have some strange affinity to gravitate towards.

I’m sure these Norwegian idiots are laughing all the way to the bank with the licensing (because they minded their business p’s and q’s to capitalize on all this hoopla) with Halloween costumes and anything they can slap a logo or tag line on.

I highly doubt you’re unaware of everything mentioned here thus far, but if you are, basically there’s these two Norwegian gentlemen who have a variety show of sorts where they just kind of prank people, hangout, and joke around as the routine for their show. And they’re very much celebrities in their respective country. As for their show, typical foreign day time show that makes absolutely no sense to Americans. No matter, the duo is name Ylvis which phonetically is pronounced Elvis. The nerve of these jamokes. And the gumption of any red-blooded American to ever entertain the idea to use the name of The King for these two blonde headed morons that sound like jerk offs who really need a beatin’!!!! Yea, that’s right, SNL reference, but not too far off from the truth.

Watching America slurp this down like a 44oz Mountain Dew from your local corner store has to make you question the credibility of those people who are seriously trying to have a genuine conversation with you about What Does The Fox Say. Whether it’s that half-way joke to feel out the terrain and make sure you’re not going to feel like an idiot for bringing up the subject and  being made fun of by your coworkers or you’re honestly into it, there’s shame to be had when dealing with any enjoyment  derived from What Does The Fox Say?

If you don’t think What Does The Fox Say rivals Honey Boo-Boo, those unkempt and bearded nut jobs from Duck Dynasty, or Larry the Cable Guy, you might want to ask yourself, “Am I part of the problem?”


Slightly soap box-esque or not, we (meaning majority of the U.S.A.) are only as good as the content we consume. Letting your kids watch Duck Dynasty because you think it “sends a good message” might not be getting the message you’re intending across. Children aren’t seeing the “good christian message.” They’re seeing rednecks that spend their days dicking around and making boatloads of cash for doing it. They’re not seeing the hard work it took to develop an enterprise. They see one reasonable person who can speak intelligibly and be trusted to make sound business decisions sprinkled with a slew of other useful idiots who mutter off nonsense day in and day out.

If you are what you eat, than does the same apply for what you feed your brain? I’d certainly think so.