Top 5 Super Bowl Beer Commercials of All Time

Top 5 Super Bowl Beer Commercials of All Time

The Best Super Bowl Beer Commercials EVER!

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The Super Bowl is almost upon us, and what better way to prepare for the festivities than to recall the best beer commercials to ever air during any super bowl ever.

The Budweiser Lobster



Can you blame this little guy? I mean he’s about to be boiled alive, and these humans only care about one thing; BEER! Luckily he makes his escape just in time. The only thing that could make this better is if the lobster said “Nobody move or the Budweiser gets it!”

The Bud Light House

Build a man a fire and he’ll be warm for the night. But build a man a house made entirely of Bud Light, and you’ll want to move in with him for sure. The Bud Light ads always seem to tickle my funny bone, whereas the Budweiser commercials themselves typically try to seem more old fashioned.

Newcastle Brown Ale

Oh my, the very beautiful Anna Kendrick graces Newcastle Brown Ales “almost super bowl commercial” with her presence. This ad is a behind the scenes look at a commercial that never came to fruition, and has Anna Kendrick play an exaggerated version of herself. She goes on to say that she’s never even tasted Newcastle Brown Ale and she was only doing it for the paycheck.

Bud Light; Rock, Paper, Scissors


Simple premise; two guys at a backyard cookout when they both reach for the last ice cold refreshing Bud Light (I’m a modern day Don Draper, the way I made that sound so good.) When the men decide how to choose who gets the last beer, they play Rock, Paper, Scissors. The rest is history.

Budweiser Frogs

And the Budweiser Frogs come in at number one for me. I know they might not be the “best” in the grand scheme of things, but these three little frogs were part of one of the best internationally recognized ad campaigns in the history of beer. Three little syllables that mean nothing when jumbled, come together nicely to form the beer’s name. “Bud-weis-er”.

So there you have it, my top 5 pics for the best beer ads in the history of the super bowl. Did you favorite and not make the list? Let us know what your favorite beer ad from any super bowl ever is in the comments below!