Who Took Beth

Who Took Beth


Everybody wants to know who was with Daryl in the woods at the end of last Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, but what I want to know is who has Beth and what their motives might be. The only thing we know is that someone in a car with a cross on the back glass took her.


The car that took Beth.

I’ve done a little digging around the net and believe it or not, in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct video game. That’s right, I believe the answer could lie in the video game that most people seem to hate.


I actually like Survival Instinct, and I knew to go in with low expectations when the game released at a budget title price. Sure it could’ve been better with the simple addition of co-op, and the game practically begged for it since it was centered around brothers Daryl and Merle Dixon. I have hopes that they will do it right the next time if there is a next time, since the game wasn’t received very well.

If you were one of the people who played the game through multiple times like me, you should remember a destination in the game called Cleburne Memorial Hospital.


Cleburne Memorial Hospital

The hospital was inhabited by a government research team with military personnel that took the facility when the outbreak occurred. The research team were trying to find a cure for the zombie plague, and when Daryl arrives at the facility looking for antibiotics for Merle they are still trying to make a cure. Perhaps the cross on the back glass of the car was a medical cross. Okay, so far this theory has more holes in it than a slice of swiss cheese, but just hear me out.

While exploring the hospital Daryl meets a man named Noah. Noah tells Daryl that a friend of his named Anna is searching the morgue for supplies, which to me is kind of stupid but whatever (what kind of supplies would you find in a morgue anyway, I hope to never be in one).

Later on Daryl is exploring and comes across Dr. Dowdle who has taken Noah captive and plans to use him for human experimentation in hopes of finding a cure. At this point the player can decide whether they want to save Noah or leave him to his fate, but what kind of heartless bastard would you be to let that crazy bitch use him for her tests!


Dr. Dowdle

It’s not clear how many human test subjects were experimented on at the hospital in the name of science in an attempt to create a cure, but we can assume that Noah wasn’t the first. Now we can draw some comparisons to Beth.

In the season five trailer for The Walking Dead, we saw a glimpse of Beth. She was in what looked like a hospital. With the sneak peek of the next episode of The Walking Dead on The Talking Dead, we saw that Beth was definitely in a patients room in a hospital bed hooked up to an IV. This theory seems to hold a little water now, even if there might be a hole in the bucket.

beth walking dead

We can tell this is a hospital room.

Couple the above info, with the fact that season five will include a new character named Noah, played by Tyler James Williams. No information is known about this new character currently, but this information seems to plug the hole in the aforementioned bucket holding the water that is this theory.

Now take a look at this comparison of Noah Cruz from Survival Instinct, and Tyler James Williams, the actor that will play Noah in season five of the show.

noah walking dead

Noah Cruz and Tyler James Williams who plays Noah on the show.

Now before you start calling me racist, I’m just trying to point out that the two COULD be the same character.

Now take a look at this gif:

Beth noah walking dead

To me this appears to be Beth and Noah fleeing from their captors and escaping the hospital.

Now Noah isn’t scheduled to appear until the season’s fifth episode, entitled “Slabtown” which to me seems like a synonym for morgue. At this point the water starts overflowing the bucket and forming a puddle.

Do you agree with this theory? Why or why not. Let us know in the comments, and check back weekly for more articles on The Walking Dead.

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