Walking Dead Gif Notes Four Walls and a Roof

Walking Dead Gif Notes Four Walls and a Roof

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 3 “Four Walls and a Roof” Gif Notes

Welcome to the article. Gif notes are like cliff notes for your favorite shows, but with Gif images so you can relive the moments over and over again. Enjoy!

nom nom bob.gif

The Hunters Nom Nom on Bob Bob.

gareth vain.gif

Gareth Gives Window Love to his Adoring Fans.

bob bitten.gif

Bob Tells The Hunters He Was Bitten.

tainted meat.gif

And That he’s Tainted Meat.

last laugh.gif

Bob Gets the Last Laugh.

Bob one piece.gif

The Hunters Return Bob in Mostly One Piece.

Gabriel Confess.gif

Gabriel Confesses His Sins. “I’m damned.” No Shit.

Rick Abraham fight.gif

Rick and Abraham Almost Fight About Who Gets to Ride the Short Bus. #Derp

the gang goes hunting.gif

The Gang Goes Hunting The Hunters.

hunters go to church.gif

Hunters Go To Church After Rick and Co. Leave.

Rick to rescue.gif

But Rick Planned On Them Doing Just That. #BoomHeadshot

gareth peace.gif

Gareth Can Never Do the Peace Sign Again #HipsterProblems

gareth begs.gif

Gareth Tries To Articulate His Way Out Of Things.

rick nope.gif

But Rick Made A Promise.


And A Man Is Only As Good As His Word.

sasha shanks martin prison.gif

Sasha Shanks Martin Like She’s Done Time.

tyreese flabbergasted.gif

Tyreese Is Flabbergasted.

Gareth dead.gif

Gareth Spills His Guts. What A Blabbermouth.

michonne sword.gif

Michonne and Sword Reunited.

bob bye.gif

Sasha Says Bye To A Dead Bob.

head stab.gif

Tyreese Takes Care Of Bob Before He Turns.

abraham apology.gif

Abraham Apologizes Like A Real Man.


Daryl Returns, But Who’s In The Woods With Him?

And there you have it, all the important plot points that happened in “Four Walls And a Roof” condensed for people with ADHD like me. Check us out next week for more in our Gif Notes series.

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Images courtesy of Techtimes.com / Thewalkinggifs.tumblr.com