The Walking Dead: Season 5 Starter Kit

The Walking Dead: Season 5 Starter Kit


*Spoiler Alert: Well, to a degree.*


After watching the beginning moments of the closest thing cable television has ever seen to a snuff film (which were 4 men of whom I barely remember from last season), Season 5 of The Walking Dead was underway. The not-so-lucky, but conveniently placed gents naturally had to get it first. Otherwise, there would be rioting and looting in various parts of the country.

Hi’s and low’s weren’t exactly the theme, but lots and lots (and lots) of blood. Shit, I think blood deserves a credit here, seeing as how it (the blood) really stepped up the acting chops this time around. I honestly don’t remember there being this much blood in previous seasons. Either way, right out of the gate we have action.


To get on with it, Terminus was exactly what we thought it was. A goddamn slaughterhouse. I guess we knew that, but seeing human meat hung in a butcher-shop style fashion for the first time is a little unsettling.

I’m still trying to determine if there was some borrowing from the Quentin Tarantino playbook here. Carol pulls off something we only thought Chuck Norris was capable of with her efforts at the Terminus gate. Not to mention Carol’s bottle rocket was so accurate it had to have been an accident. Not sure how she did that, but I wish mine would go that straight and quit hitting the neighbor’s house. I highly doubt she intended for it to be raining walkers, but nonetheless she did ignite the Terminus coup we’ve all been waiting for.

We also learned that testing Tyreese’s patience is one thing, but he’s gonna keep in straight gangster no matter what the odds.

Without giving too much away, the stage was set and we couldn’t ask for more. Not a slow start, by any means (I’m looking at you Season 4.)


In the end, the group is reunited and quickly accompanied by a warm Carol/Daryl embrace. Maybe it’s a little foreshadowing, but they’re not leaving much to the imagination of the off-season rumor that Daryl is gay. Men don’t run towards women like that without the intent of kissing them. No matter, it would only make perfect sense that these lovable, unbathed characters give us a 2-minute precursor for what’s going down the rest of the season. But that’s the show we’ve come to know and love.

I think I speak for everyone here when I say…”Come on next Sunday!!!”

(Anyone catch the lesson from season 4? If anything, these are life lessons that can be derived. If the fire is still burning, its black smoke. If the fire is out, it’s gray smoke. Put that in your pocket for the Zombie Apocalypse.)