The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 5 “Self Help” Gif Notes

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 5 “Self Help” Gif Notes

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 5 “Self Help” .Gif Notes

bus crash.gif

The short bus to Washington D.C. crashses.

walker herd.gif

Things don’t look good for the survivors

flash back Abraham Can.gif

Abraham remembers beating a man to death with canned goods.

bus escape.gif

Abraham and Glenn clear the way for everyone to escape.

Tara saves mullet.gif

Tara saves that sweet sweet mullet.

Eugene not a fighter.gif

He only knows two things; science and fashionable hairstyles. the man isn’t a fighter.

Eugene saves lesbo.gif

Eugene saves Tara from a hungry walker.

bus on fire.gif

Abraham wants to continue on foot, Everyone else wants to head back to the church.

Peeping Tom.gif

Eugene likes to watch… Kinky

Tara peeping tom.gif

Tara runs Eugene off and takes a look herself.

Flash back Abraham scared.gif

Abrahams family saw him beat men to death with a can of creamed corn.

fire truck.gif

The gang find a fire truck… and accidentally release a zombie or two.

abraham zombie.gif

Don’t fuck Abraham son!

Fire Hose.gif

This dude wastes a bunch of water. Nice move dick face.

walker field.gif

Walkers as far as the eye can see.

Eugene Secret.gif

Eugene stops a fight by telling everyone he’s not a scientist.

Eugene liar.gif

He’s just a liar with magnificent hair.

Knock out.gif

Abraham knocks his lying ass out.

Face plant.gif

Eugene takes a bow.

Out cold.gif

If you ask my professional opinion, he looks pretty fucked up. He needs to go to the hospital

abraham mouth.gif

What Abraham was about to do when he found his family eaten…

abraham saves mullet.gif

But then he met a special needs kid who happens to be…

mullet lies.gif

A liar who makes awesome hairstyle choices.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about last Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Self Help”. Tell us what you thought about this episode in the comments!

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