The Law is the Law

The Law is the Law

Not everyone knows that The Walking Dead town of Woodbury isn’t always surrounded by sharpshooters picking off zombies and ran by some jerk off with an eye patch. It is a real place just south of Atlana, Georgia. The town of Senoia to be exact.


With a population of 3,307, Senoia has the same small town feel as it does on The Walking Dead. But the most interesting part of this little Georgia town isn’t that it’s typically filled with actors. It’s a law on the books that requires citizens to possess no less than an ounce of marijuana or, well…IT’S ILLEGAL.


It seems like when the ordinance (punishable by misdemeanor) was written into the books there was quite possibly a typo or oversight in the editing department. No one has been charged up to date, but there’s really not an urge by local council or the community to change the language. Recently a resident of Senoia challenged the Senoia City Council with a Writ of Mandamus lawsuit to have the law changed.


The gentleman challenging the language, which he described as “vague” and “inappropriate”, lost and was ordered to pay around $7,000 by a Superior Court judge for the City of Senoia’s legal fees. He’s currently appealing the ruling to the Supreme Court of Georgia.

Just more wasted resources in a time where resources should be reserved for issues that actually matter and pose necessity to our infrastructure and the betterment of society.


Whether the law was an accident or intended by the coolest City Council in the history of America, the town isn’t filled with stoners and the line at Taco Bell isn’t always a mile long. It’s just business as usual.

Marijuana became illegal for self-interest reasons and it will likely only not be illegal until putting people in prison for pot-related offenses is less profitable than not. Either way, the law is still illegal on the state level in Georgia and the federal level. It would certainly be interesting to know any stories where defense was used for possession charges in Senoia claiming they were only following the law.