GIF Notes: The Walking Dead Episode 6 “Consumed”

GIF Notes: The Walking Dead Episode 6 “Consumed”

GIF Notes: The Walking Dead Episode 6 “Consumed”


Carol cries in a flashback.

atlanta night.gif

Daryl and Carol tail the car to Atlanta.

zombie window.gif

Walker startles them while they are staking out the vehicle.

bunk bed.gif

They camp overnight in a battered women’s shelter, and almost bump uglies on bunk beds.

zombie door.gif

Daryl stops Carol from killing these walkers.

daryl fire.gif

So he can kill them and burn them the next day. That’s just greedy.

daryl distraction.gif

Daryl lures the walkers like moths to a flame.


Homeless walkers gettin busy in an undead tent city.

stupid painting.gif

They get a clue and see a stupid painting.


They run into Noah who robs the first two people he meets, reinforcing stereotypes.


They find a clue and get trapped in a teetering van.


Click it or ticket. It’s the law!

daryl zombie.gif

Daryl kills a zombie that Noah show with his crossbow.

book case.gif

Daryl catches Noah and makes him regret ever meeting him.

noah close call.gif

Daryl saves the day just before Noah became lunch meat.

carol hit by car.gif

Carol gets hit by the police.

daryl noah.gif

Daryl and Noah hatch a plan to rescue Beth and Carol…

back to church.gif

They must be going 88 MPH, because I swear those are Back to the Future flames.

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