Rise of Zurvivors – Upcoming Survival Horror Game

Rise of Zurvivors – Upcoming Survival Horror Game

Rise of Zurvivors is an upcoming first or third-person survival horror game that puts an emphasis on cooperative gameplay with a kickstarter campaign that will be launching soon.

Rise of Zurvivors will be an open-world game with a huge map that allows players to shape their own story. Throughout the game players will be able to scavenge the environment for items such as weapons and food in order to survive. Taking things one step further, Rise of Zurvivors will incorporate a crafting system in which you can create weapons, tools, shelters, recipes and more in order to ensure your survival in this unforgiving post-apocalyptic world.

Zurvivors plans to implement an interesting system in which players will be able to measure their sanity, pain, fear, temperature, thirst and hunger. You’ll need to keep track of these different meters in order to stay in tip top shape and stay alive for a little while longer. In Rise of Zurvivors, if you get hurt you’ll begin to bleed, and if you bleed enough you will become weak from blood loss, making you an easy target for zombies. If you end up getting bitten, you’ll be infected by the virus, which will make you hunger meter decrease and your character angry and violent.

In this brave new world, everything will try to kill you, so make sure to have your zombie survival guide handy in order to survive what the world has become in Rise of Zurvivors.

Check out the video below to get prepared for the apocalypse: