Minecraft Can Get Kids Interested in Engineering

Minecraft Can Get Kids Interested in Engineering

Minecraft is basically the video game equivalent of the popular building block brand Legos, as anyone who is old enough to have played with them can tell you. Now that gaming is becoming more popular, Minecraft can be a great way to get kids interested in engineering. You can build pretty much anything you can think of. You’re only limited by your imagination, unlike legos which you have a limited supply of.

Once you dig a little deeper (sorry for the pun) into Minecraft, you start to notice all the other things you can do besides just building. Underneath the surface of the game lies a world filled with switches, rail systems, pistons, gears and forges for players to tinker around with. Players could start building a simple shelter out of the side of a cliff, but eventually everyone wants to upgrade to something bigger and better. One thing you could do is set up an automatic door that opens via a pressure plate. Once you’ve established a better dwelling, it would probably be a good idea to build a forge so you can craft weapons to defend your new home.

It may seem a little daunting, but after 15 minutes you’ll fall in love with Minecraft. It’s really just a game about building various items, but that’s what engineering is after all.

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