Family Friendly Platform Game Jack Kudos Kickstarter Campaign

Family Friendly Platform Game Jack Kudos Kickstarter Campaign

Jack Kudos is an upcoming family friendly platform game that is currently looking for crowdfunding on Kickstarter. It looks like a cool little game that could help train healthier eating habits in children because the game is all about a hippo who loves fruit. When gamers play as a character who chooses fruit, that may just rub off on the choices they make in everyday life. Jack Kudos is being designed with everyone in mind, so you don’t have to be a hardcore gamer to enjoy it. Jack Kudos is a game that’s fun for all ages without having to resort to the violence or crudeness of most video games on the market these days.

In Jack Kudos players take control of Jack Bondswell, a hippopotamus that loves fruit. He especially loves strawberries, and every time Jack collects one he earns a Kudo. Hence the name Jack Kudos.

Throughout the game Jack chases a pesky rhino beetle that has snatched up all of Jack’s delicious fruit. Jack’s motivation is just like Donkey Kong’s, just swap the bananas for all types of fruit and kudos, and the Nintendo gorilla for an indie hippo.

The Jack Kudos kickstarter goal has been set at $35,000 and they currently only have 13 days left on before their campaign runs out of time. By clicking here you can head over to the Jack Kudos Kickstarter page and help make this game become a reality by donating to the developers. Every little bit counts, so please help however you can.

Check out the trailer below: