Activision Announces Revival of Acclaimed Franchise King’s Quest

Activision Announces Revival of Acclaimed Franchise King’s Quest


The King’s Quest series is known as being one of the best and most interesting adventure games of
all times, since it brings a stunning story as well as a very immersive gameplay that everyone enjoys.
The series is comprised out of 8 titles, and recently Activision has announced that they are planning
to release a reboot for the series.

Named King’s Quest, this ninth entry in the series is set to provide some interesting new additions
such as an extraordinary story and the removal of point and click elements, which is a first in the
whole King’s Quest series.
The story in this upcoming King’s Quest reboot spans around King Graham, who shares some long
lost adventures from his youth with his granddaughter named Gwendolyn. The game isn’t supposed
to be a prequel, instead it’s more of a rewind story, a tale from days long gone.
At the beginning of the game, Graham will enter an old well in order to find a dragon, and there he
finds a magic mirror. From this point onward, the game changes drastically as it starts focusing on
the powers that Graham receives, while also allowing you to meet new characters, thus enriching
the King’s Quest lore.
This isn’t the first time when a company tries to create the ninth King’s Quest game, in fact since
1998 onward numerous attempts have been made in order to create a proper sequel for the fabled
The integration of platforming elements, flying dragons that you can fight with as well as traps
shows that the game will be more of a 3D adventure with platforming elements, and the embedded
video that you can find within this article clearly shows how impressive the gameplay in this King’s
Quest really is.
However, King’s Quest will retain the cartoon style that made it famous, and this is certainly a major
selling point for many fans of the series!
King’s Quest’s reboot is being developed by The Odd Gentlemen, whom many of us know as being
the masterminds behind The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, so the expectations are indeed
very high! In fact, Activision has recently resurrected Sierra, the original developer of the series in
order to handle everything related to the publishing of this new title, so it’s safe to say that they
have great expectations for the title as well.
The ninth inception of the King’s Quest franchise is set to be release sometime during autumn 2015,
PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Xbox One, so we are still far from it. Even so, if you are a fan of
adventure games, you certainly need to mark your calendars, as this is one game that you don’t
want to miss!
You can watch the debut trailer for the game below!



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