5 Reasons Why Taco Bell is the Ultimate Stoner Food


I’d like to think everyone that gets high was able to have the same experience eating at a Taco Bell for the first time high as I did. You’re just gawking at the pictures and calculating in your head how many of those delectable items can you afford on your budget. Anticipating the moment when they finally call your number and you triple check (or don’t even check) to see if it’s your order. Graciously take the food, then commence to experience something like you’ve never known before.

After that saucy description, you’re probably wondering why competitively priced mexican fast food is being herald as one of the greatest moments in my life.

The reason being, I felt as though since today Taco Bell will release a their brand new Cool Ranch Dorito Taco, HiLounge would honor their work for stoners and fat kids alike. The Cool Ranch Doritio Taco is the first of it’s kind and long overdue. It’s to supplement their previous game changing Dorito Locos Nacho Cheese Taco that made huge waves and we couldn’t be happier.

After thinking more into it, HiLounge agreed all around the meeting table declaring that Taco Bell is (unofficially) the Ultimate Stoner Food. So, it’s only right that you get 5 delicious reasons why marijuana and Taco Bell are a match made in Stoner Heaven.

1. It’s Portable

If you break it down, all fast food is technically portable. But Taco Bell has mastered the art of being the MRE of fast food. It’s all inside a tortilla that is strategically wrapped, so if eaten right you don’t even need a napkin. Not sure about you, but for a stoner…that’s convenient.

2. It’s Insanely Affordable

Taco Bell has always been a leader in competitive pricing. After scratching the 79, 89, and 99 cent menu tiers, it’s still more affordable than a #7 at Burger King. All stoners are price conscientious, no matter how much money they have.

3. Hot Sauce

Depending on your level of tolerance (no pun intended), hot sauce just makes everything better. And to top it off, Taco Bell puts cool little notes on their sauce packets. The best part of all, you can have as much as you want. Meaning, you’ll find a drawer full of Taco Bell sauce packets at almost any stoners’ house.

4.Pepsi Products

It probably feels like HiLounge is making a lot of claims here, but another claim is that the preferred soda brand for stoners is hand-down Pepsi products. Mountain Dew being the frontrunner of course. Taco Bell always has subconsciously (or purposefully) made sure they have what stoners want.

5. Constantly Evolving

Of all the players in the fast food game, Taco Bell has re-invented themselves more times than we can count. Unlike their competitors who are still rocking the same look from the 50’s, Taco Bell has continued marketing efforts to make sure their branding is always solid. Stoners definitely appreciate that.