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Who Gives a F#$k What the Fox Says?

So around the time I started seeing this unbelievable piece of shit with extremely high production value make the rounds on social media in the beginning stages, I couldn’t help but think, “Really? Again?” Not one more tongue-in-cheek attempt by a foreign entertainer to prove that if someothing is marketed and exposed properly, Americans will [...]

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The Law is the Law

Not everyone knows that The Walking Dead town of Woodbury isn’t always surrounded by sharpshooters picking off zombies and ran by some jerk off with an eye patch. It is a real place just south of Atlana, Georgia. The town of Senoia to be exact. With a population of 3,307, Senoia has the same small [...]

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10 Halloween Costumes You’re Going to See Too Much of This Year

It happens every year. You show up to the Halloween party and end up seeing 3-5 people wearing the same costume as you and you feel like a complete moron. Hindsight being 20/20, you would of seen this coming. They all equally feel like idiots and it’s no surprise. Don’t be that person this year. [...]

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On the Way Out With the Kardashians Courtesy of Kayne

Well, it finally happened. Kayne West has successfully convinced the world he’s as batshit fucking crazy as he, not only wanted us to think, but as he actually is. In an interview with BBC, Kayne West made some grandiose claims such as being a god, a rock star, fashion pioneer of the most ridiculous concept [...]

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The Pepper

Around the time I moved to Florida, there was a moment I was rocking my game like a pro. I had an incredible bachelor pad with all the fixings to make the ladies crumble. Candles, large framed picture of Audrey Hepburn, a modern feel, just everything that created a wow factor. I had recently met [...]

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Are You Feeling Lucky?

There’s an abundant wealth of knowledge on the internet and thankfully Larry Page and Sergey Brin came together while attending Stanford University in 1995 with an idea that would put that knowledge, literally, at your fingertips. Google’s mission was to organize world’s information and make it usable and accessible. Along the way in their successful [...]

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10 Quotes From Influential Idiots That Will Make Your Phucking Head Spin

I used to think conspiracy theorists were paranoid freaks, but the more and more I think about it, the more and more I find legitimacy in some of their claims. Mostly the claim that Hollywood nonsense is used as a diversion tactic to keep us occupied. But in my case, I’m spending more time trying [...]

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10 Reasons Why Russell Wilson is the Whitest Black Guy We Know

Racial stereotypes can often times be a slippery slope. The rest of the time they’re so goddamn funny, sensitivity takes a back seat. In years past, Tiger Woods was considered by many to “not be black enough” (whatever that means) and not represent his African American heritage to the fullest. So, in time, he broke [...]

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The Truth About How Marijuana Came to Be Illegal

With progressions in marijuana legislation, the future seems extremely bright for a reality where common citizens don’t have to live [...]

Lebron James Finally Accepts the Inevitable

Lebron James debuted a new look in the Philippines at the a Nike Basketball Tour this week by accepting the [...]

Why Kristen Wyatt Has It All Wrong

Denver Post AP Writer, Kristan Wyatt recently wrote in an article explaining just how deep the expenses of running legal [...]

7 Must-Haves to Prepare for Your Next Trip

Anyone who has tried mind-expanding drugs before certainly knows that creature comforts are a must while walking a fine line [...]

Purchase of New Safe Comes With a Bonus

As a society, many of us have become accustomed to the made-easy nature of making online purchases. Usually you can [...]

What is Coachella? (and Why You Should Be There)

For Those Who Don’t Know About Coachella Music Festival Over this past weekend, arguably the greatest music festival in the [...]